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webbman75webbman75 Member Posts: 12
Hi all

Currently I have tried to perform the upgrade from 3.7 to 4.0 (testing), but when I try to restore the existing database backup. The system return the following message:

You cannot delete or change the type of the Output Is Adjusted file (in the Item Application Entry table) before the value in the field is reduced to 0 (zero) or " (blank) in all the records. This message occurred because a nonzero value was found for the record Entry No.='1' in the company.

I don’t know why? Because the table “Item Application Entry table” is a new table in version 4.0. Please could you mind give me the advise to fix it or do you have any upgrade procedures guide for me?

kind regards,



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    Luc_VanDyckLuc_VanDyck Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 3,633
    Table 339 Item Application Entry exists from version 2.00. Apparently the layout of this table was changed in 4.00, so you need to use the upgrade-routines that are provided by Microsoft in the Upgrade Toolkit. Did you follow all the steps described in the upgrade manual?
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    Edward_BloomfieldEdward_Bloomfield Member Posts: 155
    It sounds like you have just run a Navision backup and tried to restore it into a GB4.00 database with 4.00 objects in it. You cannot perform an upgrade like this because the table sructures do not match.

    Are you trying to just perform an executable upgrade (Running a 3.70 database on 4.00) or a full database upgrade (Replace the existing database structure with 4.00)?

    To do an executable upgrade, you backup your existing database, create a new, blank, database in 4.00 and restore it.

    To do an object upgrade in a nutshell (Deep breath...), you need to analyse any object changes in the existing version, create corresponding modifications in a 4.00 database with cCronus objects in, modify the upgrade routines to handle any bespoke fields, backup and restore the live system into 4.00, delete all the objects except tables, run through the upgrade routines and tools and import the updated objects... I think I have covered everything but you should read the upgrade instructions but basically it is very hard work... ](*,)

    Hope this is of some help.
    Edward Bloomfield

    Lead Consultant
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