Could u revaluation journal with configuration package?

I have to revaluation a lot of item, could i input for revaluation journal by configuration package and how?


  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,597
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    Enter one line manually and make sure to write down in which order you enter fields because a lot of issues come from validating fields in the wrong order, like you import quantity, then location and that can reset the quantity or something like that.

    Then just make a package for the item journal line table, don't forget the primary keys, ensure the fields are in the right order, as above, and validation is checked for them. Export your one example line to Excel. (use filters for journal template and batch). Fill it out, not forgetting the keys, especially the line no., first one should be 10000 then the next 20000 and so on, growing by 10000 every line, easy in excel. Import it back. Review and post.

    Then realize it is all unnecessary because you can just copy the rows to Excel right from the reval journal and paste them back.

    EDIT: wait, are you using NAV Financials, a really old version? Then sorry these are not available there.
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    Thank u so much, I should try your recommendation, btw, I use NAV 2013 R2, is it compatible?
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