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Hello, Good day.

is there any possibilities we can code this is C/SIDE? thanks :)


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  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Posts: 1,678Member
    I don't think that using constants like 12102018D is that harmful. It could be though if you trying to merge code exported from your database and an object text source obtained from elsewhere, where locale setting could differ, But if all objects to be merged are exported to text on the same PC date constant will be exported in the same text representations.

    I guess Microsoft started using DMY2DATE as their code is supposed to be merged to apps in different countries, hence the problem, and the change in the standard code to avoid it.
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    And my gut feeling is that sooner or later they will break 12102018D.....
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  • jhanvincent14jhanvincent14 Posts: 194Member
    SETRANGE("Date Filter", FromDate, ToDate)
    SETFILTER("Date Filter", Filter Expression);
    The limits total shows up when you have a field (a Date Filter in this case) of the type FlowFilter in the table.
    Your particular filter would look like this:
    SETRANGE("Date Filter", 0d, 101218D);
    SETFILTER("Date Filter", '..%1', 101218D);--date in English UK format

    @Slawek_Guzek thank you so much. great help :) this solves my problem :)
  • jhanvincent14jhanvincent14 Posts: 194Member
    kriki wrote: »
    Stop using 12102018D. but use DMY2DATE(12,10,2018); During an upgrade project, I noticed MS changing something in this way.

    @kriki thanks. I will take note this one :)
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