Flickering of screen when using Nav


Has anyone encountered this bizarre problem?

I have an HP EliteBook 840 Gen8 with Windows 10 Pro.
Only when using NAV Classic, the screen flickers.

Any solution for this?


  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,684
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    We were starting to have similar problems on Dell Optiplex 380 after upgrading screens to 4k. But in our case it was not only NAV, Outlook was causing similar issue when run in realtively big window. When you opened it small all was fine, when one started to drag the corner to make Outlookl window bigger the screen went off. Come back (blindly :) ) to smaller size and the screen was back on...

    Dropping the screen refresh rate to 59Hz helped a bit.
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  • iqbalmadiqbalmad Member Posts: 177
    thanks Guzek. I updated all my drivers and now it's ok.
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