Where are the Profile settings stored in Dynamics NAV?

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I wanted to put a custom action in a specific category of the home tab, but through the development environment that wasn't possible because apparently the profile settings override those customizations. There was already a question regarding this same problem here.
I know that I can personalize the ribbon in Dynamics NAV for a profile using configuration mode. But what I want to know is where those settings are stored, and if it's possible to access and edit them.

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    There are stored as blob and best way is to export profile (button on profile page), make changes and import it.
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    I tried the following:

    1. Create an Action for a specific category (the action ends up in a different category or doesnt show at all)
    2. I Customized the ribbon, moving the action for that category (in configuration mode)
    After this, I tested that other users of the same profile had the action on the correct category.

    3. After this I exported the profile.
    4. I imported the profile in a different database (a backup of the original), I also copied the action in design so that it was exactly the same in both DBs.
    After this, users of that profile did not have that action in the correct category.

    This means that the XML file generated when exporting the profile does not contain information about this personalizations (customizations in the ribbon)

    So my question is, is it possible to edit the ribbon from outside the client? NAV has to store those personalizations somewhere. When I click "Restore defaults", where do those defaults come from, they must be somewhere.
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    If anyone is interested, the problem was that copying the action did not copy the action ID, it needs to be the same for the profile to recognize it in the other DB. After changing the ID to be the same as in the first DB, the action was in the correct category.
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