How to create Report?

Sai_123Sai_123 Member Posts: 18
I had been given two tables Purchase Invoice Header/Purchase Invoice Lines by having fields Posting Date,Invoice no,Vendor name,Vendor invoice No,Description,Unit of measure,Quantity,Discount amount,Line amount and How To get the HSN,GST% and GST amount.Using these fields how to make report?
Kindly help me up Guys !
Thanks in advance! Please do let me know..! :)


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    AgannaloAgannalo Member Posts: 12
    I do not wish to be rude but as i can see the easiest way for that will be to hire some NAV Partner to support or at least completing some basic C\AL guide before You start playing with code.
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    KTA8KTA8 Member Posts: 397
    You can take report 406 as a base but giving it your range (500xx) and from there changing this new report 500xx to get what you want.
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