NAV 2018 Architecture

Hi , i am newbie to NAV application and i have some inquiries regarding the NAV architecture and hope i get some recommendation
the setup recommended that we will have DB back end in HO and each store we will have store DB and only one POS will have DB express in case
that there is disaster in Store DB so this pos will work locally .. is this architecture is acceptable ?
also i need to understand if it is possible to make all the replication initiated from store to HO Db to get rid of VPN site to site from the retails to HO ?
what is the recommended bandwidth required for stores in case we purchased dedicated line IP VPN for the LS NAV ?


  • ReboghRebogh Member Posts: 13
    Your questions are related more to LS Retail addon rather than NAV architecture. They have transparent documentation about. You could search for it on or mail their official support for more details.
  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,690
    NAV, as a platform, does not support working in distributed/replicated databases scenarios. There are 3rd party solutions, like mentioned LS Retail, which works around this limitation. I am not sure however if LS Retail does use replication or some other mechanisms to synchronise transactions.
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