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It looks like there is an explosion of spammers in recent days, promoting various chinese companies here.

@kriki maybe this is a time to introduce some AI to Mibuso, track first comments and add automatic post post classification or at least some sort of verification where the first post would be put "on hold" until some admin reviews it and decides whether it is a legit thing or a spam attempt.

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    Shortly after I became moderator, I have programmed something in C/AL (!!!!) (later added some c# to it to shred the html to an easier format for C/AL to read it) to download the new posts and put some logic to it to track new posts and discover spammers.
    Problem is that I still have to look at it. And I not always connected.
    But I did find those Chinese companies and blocked the users.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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