ADCS in NAV 2013 (Not NAV 2013 R2) does it use a NAS for VT100 or NAV Web Services?

DabDab Member Posts: 9
I'm trying to setup ADCS in NAV 2013 that is not version R2. I know with version R2 VT100plugin is driven by Web Services. However in just plain version 2013 some of the parts are there and some are not. For example in 2013 Web Services are there and you can check to publish it but it doesn't give you a SOAP URL. I know NAV 2009 used the NAS for VT100 but it looks like with 2013 they were moving to web services but didn't have it finished until NAV 2013 R2. Does anyone have ADCS working with NAV 2013 that is not R2?
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