Reversing Fixed asset purchase entry

rahul_jnkrahul_jnk BahrainMember Posts: 59
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Hi all,

I have a fixed asset purchase order entry which was posted on wrong posting date say 14-Sep-2018. Hence I reversed it and posted a new purchase order on the correct date say 14-March-2018 (note that it is an earlier date). The issue is now when I do calculate depreciation then entries are created for the wrong posted date.
Do anybody have an idea on how to fix this.

Thanks and Regards,


  • KTA8KTA8 Member Posts: 301
    Maybe you should try to cancel them instead.
  • AntoniomvallsAntoniomvalls Member Posts: 31
    Maybe with the first order u have the depreciation starting date on september and u only have to change it from fixed asset card… Only Maybe.
    Giving thanks is always wellcome
  • rahul_jnkrahul_jnk BahrainMember Posts: 59
    Hi Antonio,
    The depreciation date is from March but while calculating its falling on September.
  • AntoniomvallsAntoniomvalls Member Posts: 31
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    Can u post a screenshot from FA Ledger entries and of depreciation books?
    Giving thanks is always wellcome
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