Navision for poor

PolarPolar Member Posts: 32
I think here are many small business who want to use navision but can't afford it due to high cost.
So i have idea to make framework like navision based on free or cheap technologies.
I decided to use LAMP and 3-tier application: Frontend(Javascript) - Aplication server(PHP) - Backend(MySQL). So any business could rent cheapest hosting they may find or place it on their own LAMP server.
I know it will take much time, but i'm on my way.

I placed demo here . Now it works even on free hosting and everyone are welcome to try and leav feedback here.
Thank you.
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  • JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 728
    Business Central Online ???
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  • PolarPolar Member Posts: 32
    Kinda. But no monthly payments, no per-user payments, both on-premise and web.
    keep it simple
  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,597
    Seriously Polar do you realize open source, free ERP systems exist? Odoo for example. Used to be called OpenERP and before that TinyERP. I looked at the source in the TinyERP phase, ages ago, and I really liked it. Every table would be mapped to a Python object, and you could extend it with new fields and new methods just by inheriting that object. Basically extensions, already ages ago.

    Overally small businesses in rich countries can afford NAV. But not in relatively poorer countries. The problem with relatively poorer countries is that accounting and tax regulations are often brutally complicated. Since you have a Russian website set up in your profile, you may be aware of this. One reason 1C:Enterprise dominates the Russian ERP market is that it is very very hard to localize NAV really properly for Russia while 1C was built for the Russian regulatory requirements from the ground up. Once upon a time I tried to convince the external accounting provider company of our Italian subsidiary to book things in NAV instead of their software. They told me: they receive a CD every month from their current software provider, which updates all regulatory changes, not only program code but also settings like posting groups. Can we do this every month? Nope.
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