Problem getting MenuSuite in Extension to display

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Hi All

Forgive me, I'm pretty new to NAV but please bear with me. I'm trying to create a simple extension. I've managed to create the extension which encapsulates my objects, I've created a .navx extension, published it and installed it, all without issues. My extension also includes a permissions set however none of my code/pages/menusuites etc. require this permission just yet. I've simply included the permission set for now to confirm that the extension is exposing the objects and code within it to the nav RTC client since (almost?) all objects are not visible from the development environment at all thou I believe this is intended and normal behavior.

After installing the extension, it installs successfully and I can see the permissionset, so I know the related objects etc are installed and being exposed from within the extension. I can get a menusuite option in my extension to appear if the menusuite points to a page in the customer range (e.g. object id 50005) however as soon as I change the page object id to a page in my ISV range the menusuite option no longer displays in the client. I have no permissions required for anything so I figured it would display ? Is some licensing issue or permissions issue getting in the way nevertheless? I just want my extension to implement a bunch of pages & tables in my ISV range and then expose a single page via a menusuite.. is this possible? if so, where am I being tripped up with this menusuite issue ?

I'm using menusuite object id 1061 because as far as I can tell menusuite come with their own object id limitations so to work around that I need to use the 'add-on' range and just hope that id isn't already used in the target install.

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

PS, menusuite text code I'm using is below
OBJECT MenuSuite 1061 PendingOrderTest
    Version List=;
    {                ;[{D4407D08-C780-43D3-AA50-A065110A1331}] ;NextNodeID=[{2410F93C-DB1A-4C39-8BEF-CA719B0B4F04}] }
    { MenuItem       ;[{2410F93C-DB1A-4C39-8BEF-CA719B0B4F04}] ;Name=Pending Orders;
                                                                CaptionML=ENU=Pending Orders;
                                                                DepartmentCategory=Lists }
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