Double Posting

aberkalaberkal Posts: 8Member
Hi everyone,

I have a question. I added new field in Item journal line table for production journal page. This new field is noncomformity code. If when we produce, make a noncomforming product, create new line capacity ledger entries.


10 X item (to be produced)
2 nonconformity item (posting) rejected
8 accepted item (posting)

I want to posting two different line with one posting action. how can I this?
(Sorry for my English)


  • lubostlubost Posts: 529Member
    Use standard functionality "Scrap Quantity".
  • aberkalaberkal Posts: 8Member
    lubost wrote: »
    Use standard functionality "Scrap Quantity".

    Thanks for reply,

    My noncomformity items will reworking because of that I don't use Scrap Quantity. This field only use for get information
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