Call to DLL fails on NAS but works on client


I have created a DLL wrapper NAV2009FTP around WINSCP so I can call it from a NAV2009R2 classic client and NAS.
It works perfectly on the Classic client on my computer.
It works perfectly on the Classic client on NAS computer logged as as the user that runs the NAS service.
It fails when the job is run in the NAS with the following error.

"This message is for C/AL programmers:

The call to member FileUpload failed. NAV2009FTP returned the following message:
Could not load file or assembly 'WinSCPnet, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=2271ec4a3c56d0bf' or one of its dependenre"

This is its declaration.

[email protected] : Automation "{B9CFAB0D-BE4D-4DF1-AAC2-04007D626F64} 1.0:{724FA6FE-8713-459B-9A94-8C1315225C0B}:'NAV2009FTP'.NAV2009FTP";

What am I missing.



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  • lombielombie Posts: 15Member
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    Fixed I had to GAC the DLL. :)
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