Re-use a userid?

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I have Navision 2016
We use Windows Authentication and the userids in NAV are linked to Active Directory.

There is a former user whose AD id was SMITHS this user no longer works at the company and has been disabled in AD

However, there is a new user with the same user id now. Domain\SMITHS

Is there an easy way for me to update the existing SMITHS in NAV to associate it with the current SMITHS and not the previous person ?



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    You need to perform something like this in SQL, you new to know the security ID. The user will have the same permission and user settings as the old one.

    update [NAVISION2016].[dbo].[User] set [Windows Security ID]='S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxx' where [User Name]='DOMAIN\SMITHS'
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    wmic useraccount get name,sid
    With this command you can find the Windows Security ID by using CMD Prompt.
    After finding it you can just use the query described above by KTA8.
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    First - I don't think that you can have two AD accounts in the same domain sharing the same account id. If you have Domain\SMITHS user account, and it has not been deleted from the AD but just disabled you cannot have another Domain\SMITHS account created. You would need to delete the old account and then create new reusing the ID.

    Having said that - why would you ever want to reuse the account id in the first place?

    Every transaction data/register record/posted invoices/shipments/receipts, audit trail records stores the User ID of the user who created that entry. All of those are linked to the previous user and by 'reusing' the account you will effectively re-assign all those entries to this new user.

    Also - does the 'new SMITHS' works in exactly the same place and is supposed to have exactly the same permissions as the old one?

    I'd be rather insisting to NOT to have another AD account created having the same ID as some old removed account, and if IT already had created one I'd be asking them to rename the account and keep account name uniques.
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