Dynamcs Business Central Performance Testing - What is the Service connection string for Docker?

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I am using the NAV performance test tool (see https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/freddyk/2017/01/22/how-is-this-perf-testing-thing-actually-working/) to do some testing. I haven't been able to successfully connect to a docker container which hosts Business Central Release.

In earlier versions of Dynamics Nav (NAV2018, 2017), I was able to connect with https://<your public dns name>/NAV/WebClient/cs but now that my container is on Docker, I don't what connection string should be. I have tried https://mycontainername:8080/NAV/WebClient/cs, https://mycontainername:7047/NAV/WebClient/cs and https://mycontainername/NAV/WebClient/cs and but still no luck. I have even tried using https://mycontainername/nav/NAV/WebClient in the settings.settings table which used to work in previous versions of NAV but now I get Error: System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid..



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    For me the URL format: http://localhost:8080/BC130/cs worked.
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    Hi, after you performed docker run , you should see log similar like below.
    Use the URL provided in the web client info. So please check your Docker log

    Starting Container
    Hostname is cdc633cdb0a2
    Container IP Address:
    Container Hostname : cdc633cdb0a2
    Container Dns Name : cdc633cdb0a2
    Web Client : https://cdc633cdb0a2/NAV/
    NAV Admin Username : admin
    NAV Admin Password : Biba4071
    Initialization took 83 seconds
    Ready for connections!

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