An error occurred when opening the report designer in NAV 2018

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Dear all,

I installed SQL server 2014 and report builder i installed is report builder for 2016.

I have selected the option "use report builder" = yes.

When I try to open the report design , I am getting the error as follows.

"An error occurred when opening the report designer. A supported version of Report Builder could not be found."

I have installed the correct version of report builder and selected the option "use report builder" = yes but still getting error.

If anyone know how to resolve this issue, please let me know,

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards,


  • Maria-SMaria-S Posts: 77Member
    Did you resolve your issue?

    I have the same error with NAV2018 docker environment and locally installed Report Builder for 2016.
  • Maria-SMaria-S Posts: 77Member
    Resolved by installing the ReportBuilder from product DVD (product dvd found on mibuso download section). My previously installed Report Builder had higher version, thus NAV refused to use it.
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