Add-Ons for service, aftersales, RMA?

I don't have a full requirement list but I would look at any add-ons in this area. I don't like the standard Service granules because they are repair oriented. What we are looking at it is cutting down returns. So for example (we being a distributor) a device is brought back to a shop, they scan the the customer's bill, upload it with a basic problem description in a web form, send it to the service center, they make a proper diagnosis, there are rules built in the system in which fault case to repair, which fault case to issue credit note and which case to argue with the customer or something. Again, given that I am not looking at a custom development, I have no full requirement list, we actually want a tool that already has some industrial best practices in it, a tool that teaches us how to do this process well :)

Is there an add-on list published by Microsoft? Last time I saw a PDF Add-On Catalogue was 10 yrs ago...
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