NAV2017 (NA)Bank Reconcilation, deposits not cleared in previous month not showing on current month

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When my client is preparing their Bank Reconciliation for the current month (August), some deposits that did not clear the bank last month (July) but were recorded as deposits in NAV2017 for July, are not showing the deposit lines of the reconciliation to select to be cleared. When the bank reconciliation was done for July they did not populate the Cleared Boolean on the deposit lines.

Looking into the Bank Account Ledger Entry table I see the deposits there but the Statement Status = Bank Acc. Entry Applied and Open = Yes.

If during the bank reconciliation process for July, I do not populate the Cleared Boolean box, wouldn't the Statement Status stay at Open?

What is the logic to designate the uncleared entry as Bank Acc. Entry Applied? And if it is a straight forward user is selecting the checks/deposits that cleared, why does it get that designation? It seems this is preventing it from showing in the current month's bank reconciliation.

What would happen if I changed the status on those entries to Open? What would I be breaking?


  • KELLIKELLI Member Posts: 21
    When the Bank Account Ledger Entry appears on a Bank Reconciliation (open or posted not cleared) the line will have a Statement Status of Bank Acc. Entry Applied.

    To solve the issue for my client, although not ideal, in the Bank Account Ledger Entries I changed the Statement Status to Open. This allowed them to move forward with the bank reconciliation.
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