Shelf label printing. Label should print horizontally not in vertical manner like row wise.

symassymas Member Posts: 11
Hi All,

i developed a shelf label 1X8 which worked properly, But now my client need a change.
when he is printing with 10 labels last two labels print first one then below second one.

He needs to print 2nd label just right side of first one.

to resolve this i took a matrix and deleted its row only kept column group.
i just dragged old layout in my matrix rectangle and deleted its row group(=math.ceiling(rownumber(nothing)/2).
and put a new group on column group((rownumber(nothing)-1) mod 4)

report is working fine until it is not getting job to print more then 8 labels. For 9 labels i am getting this error
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Rendering output for the report failed and the following error occurred: (processing): ScalableList: Index 1 outside the allowed range [0::0]

any one have solution then please help.

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