NAV2017 CU21 - Workflows and Warehouse Shipments

eYeeYe Member Posts: 168
I have a Sales Order that went through approval process and is now Released.

It has a Warehouse Shipment attached. Now that the user is trying to post the shipment, the system is trying to reopen the sales order and kick off the approval process again - preventing the user from posting because approval is required.

The reopening and releasing comes in when the Posting Date on the Sales Order and the Warehouse Shipment is different. (Codeunit 5763)
However, the user is able to change the posting date on the Sales Order without needing to reopen the document.

Surely, reopen and release is then not needed?
Or the user will have to set the Sales Order Posting Date to the same as the Warehouse Shipment before posting - voiding the purpose of the code in the first place.

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Ewald Venter


  • mschneidermschneider Member Posts: 14
    I think this code is unnecessary, because the posting date can be changed if the order is already released.

    In your case it works if you use CU 22 or newer.
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