error in using EXISTS function of FILE

jksjks Member Posts: 277
Hi all,

How can i use EXISTS function of FILE.?
I used it like
if filepointer.EXISTS('c:\test.txt') then

but it gives me an error that you have specified an unknown variable.

Thanks for any help.


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    ngebhardngebhard Member Posts: 127
    I suppose the problem is the filepointer part:
    if filepointer.EXISTS('c:\test.txt') then

    Why do you need it? Did you just try:
    if EXISTS('c:\test.txt') then

    This would check if the file 'c:\test.txt' exists. Did you have any problem with that?

    N. Gebhard
    ProTAKT Projekte & Business Software AG
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner
    Bad Nauheim, Germany
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    jksjks Member Posts: 277
    Oh.. It works now.

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