We have NAV 2009 R2. We have installed Office 365 and now we can¨t send mail in NAV.
OLHandler.dll not working. Someone else that have same problem?


  • RemkoDRemkoD Member Posts: 100
    Hi AnitaO,

    NAV 2009 R2 and Office 365 are officially not compatible. You can downgrade office or upgrade NAV to become compatible again. Office 2010 is compatible with NAV 2009 R2.

    I'm quite sure that NAV 2009 R2 won't work with Office 365 online. Offline installation (Office 2016) might have chance. I've read mixed experiences. Maybe someone else can advice in this.
  • AnitaOAnitaO Member Posts: 10
    Sorry. I looked for it, but I did not find it.
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