Which way are you designing documents lately?

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Just curious. Let's say we are working mainly with NAV 2015-2018.

- Are you using SQL Report Builder? If yes, what trick you use for finding and clicking on the hidden field with the Code.SetData stuff, as there is no Outline in Report Builder? I do use this because I don't want to deal with installing big slow Visual Studio and mostly just hit TAB a million times to highlight that field while cursing and then use Shift+F10 for properties.

- Or you are using Visual Studio? That typically means you have to install multiple versions. And typically paid versions, free version is not supported? Also, does the more lightweight Visual Studio Code work for RDLC? The primary advantage of Visual Studio is Outline, snapping and compilation to find errors.

- Do you find Word reports for documents reliable for real life use? My view is, if a salesperson wants a Sales Quote they can then edit in Word, OK. But I would not really trust it for invoicing where complicated legal requirements could come into the picture...

For non-document reports I basically use an extended version of ClosedXML Excel Buffer. Seriously nobody wants a paper or PDF report these days, but something they can work with in Excel. I also often save and email them automatically from Job Queue. There is nothing better and more comfortable than a manager can just take their phone which comes with a built in Excel viewer even on Android on a weekend or weekday evening on an airport and see the sales figures without any effort to log into something and run something. ClosedXML, beyond being faster than the usual Excel Buffer, supports background colors and multiple sheets which are absolutely a must for viewing on a phone, because you can avoid a report being too long and requiring too much scrolling up and down by using e.g. one sheet per item category, and for horizontal scrolling background colors grouping columns help in interpreting the figures.
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