Migration NAV2009R2 -> NAV2018CU06 without any customized parts

Hello forum,

For my employer, a company consisting of a few medium-sized individual companies, I should migrate the first of the existing applications in terms of data from NAV2009R2 to NAV2018CU6. Data, because we want to start "on the green", want to use events and extensions, in order to be able to drive the updates in the future. All previous customer-specific functionalities, their objects and fields in standard tables should be eliminated and the topics re-rolled. It is planned that some of the customized table data and their data in fields of standard tables will be needed again during the "new start".

Since we have also used and fully used our Fibu in NAV, migration of the data should take place via MS migration pathways. We only have 1 - 2 info fields in the main post tables, which can be neglected.

The module "Payment Transactions AR6.00" is still in the old system, the data for it too. This has been replaced by OPPlus (7.x) in the past. OPPlus should continue to be used with the latest version.

Dimensions have not been used so far, but will be introduced manually as part of the new start.

My job is now to work out the migration path. I've been with NAV as a developer for several years, but I have not done such a thing yet:

- All standard tables and standard fields are to be migrated from NAV2009 to NAV2018CU06.
- No customer-specific programming and no entries in the DocumentationTrigger should be adopted.
- The customer-specific requirements are completely reworked and implemented based on the requirements of MS and its associated technical innovations.
- The data available for this new implementation in the legacy system will probably be added to the newly created data schema "JustInTime" via RapidStart. The corresponding referrals are in the old system.

I also have to consider that I have to repeat this migration process - keyword "time before real start".

My question is: how would you proceed in this case in order to get only the data for the standard fields in the NAV2018 standard migrated?

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