Reservation against Purchase Order

I want to ask a question regarding reservation against PO from SO. I have NAV 2015 and have reservation = Always on all items. When the qty in the sales line is not available on stock the system searches for PO to reserve from, but the problem is that it finds the PO's and reserves, but always from the latest PO, not the one with the earliest receipt date. So we constantly have items coming to stock and the SO is not delivered as the reservation is from a PO that is coming later. Does anyone know how to make the system find the earliest PO not last ...

this is a code in CU 99000845, function AutoReservePurncLine and the FIND(Search) function is always set to find the latest order. I tried to change this to FINDFIRST, but then when the FIRST PO was fullyreserved the system did not find any PO, instead of finding the next one...

Please help, as this is causing problems in delivery at my company

Thanks in advance
Hafrún Ósk

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  • KishormKishorm Posts: 908Member
    I suspect that your item has been set with a "Costing Method" of LIFO.

    If you are going to change...
    ...then you also need to change...
  • HafrunOskSHafrunOskS Posts: 3Member
    Thank you both for your answers, I will try to use a combination of the two, as I do not have LIFO costing method. I will inform you of the result.
  • HafrunOskSHafrunOskS Posts: 3Member
    I added the SETASCENDING function to the code and it worked, now the system finds the first (oldest) purchase order and reserves the quantity, instead of the latest (newest).
    Thank you so much for you help.
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