New ID fields in NAV 2018

E.g. G/L Account Field No. 8000 name:Id Type: GUID

What is this stuff? And how is it supposed to be filled out as there is no code in the table to fill it out?

I am a bit worried as I am migrating from NAV 2009 W1 to NAV 2018 Italy without the toolkits, just importing the master data tables and posting the opening balances as if it was a new project. (Project motto: "Old mistakes don't have to be carried forever!" :) )

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  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Posts: 1,552Member
    edited 2018-08-13
    I was doing one upgrade per year now, from Classic to latest, and found nothing really "weird" up to NAV 2017 that is you more or less can carry developments and data from Classic without any big surprise, just redo Pages and Reports. Only big difference I remember is Dimension Sets, about 2013 R2 or so. I am kind of worried NAV 2018 is in some ways really new. Is there some docs for this?
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