NAV 2018 on NVMe disks

lzrlzr Member Posts: 264
It's time to upgrade and I am looking to purchase a new server for our company.
One of the options is to use NVMe disks instead of a standard server with SSD/15k spinners. The NVME alternative is cheaper and offers better speed.
The "disadvantage" with NVMe seems to be that it's not using standard raid so Windows/VMWare (will have VMWare at the bottom and a single Windows installation on top of that) will have to be setup with software raid 10.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this setup.
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  • lzrlzr Member Posts: 264
    I guess NVMe has come down a lot in prices lately. Also they offer huge storage which means you don't need so many disks.

    Thanks a lot for your input, I will check pricing on a cheaper option as well and then decide (using 6G SSD SATA disks)
    Navision developer
  • RemkoDRemkoD Member Posts: 100
    (≧◡≦) ✧ SQL Server ❤ NVMe raid 10 ✧ (≧ω≦)
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