NAV2018 and PowerBI on local installation?

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I have all necessary components installed on my local laptop.
That is:
  1. SQL Server 2016
  2. NAV 2018
  3. Power BI Desktop.

Naturally I can access my NAV Data via Power BI and create reports from my data.
So far so good.

The problem is that I am not able to access Power BI reports from NAV: The default Power BI Report-Wizard "Get started with Power BI" from the NAV role center doesn't bring me any further as obviously NAV requires PowerBI reports to be on an Azure Server. (aka. requests an external URL for home Page and Reply, An Application ID and a Key I don't have).

My conclusion is that NAV/PowerBI only work on Azure but not locally.
Is that conclusion correct?

If not - which I hope - what can I do to have NAV reconized my local PowerBI?

With best regards from Switzerland

Marcus Fabian


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    markclemarkcle Member Posts: 65
    did you ever solve this. I have same issue
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