Retrospective Forecast - NAV 2009 R2

Dear All

We use component forecasts for our longer lead time items to ensure we make appropriate provisions thro' MRP. I have spotted a colleague has manually created a purchase order for an item rather that creating a forecast to provide the demand to order. As a result the Planning Worksheet is suggesting that the purchase order should be cancelled. I have tried to create the component forecast for the item to provide a demand but the Planning Worksheet still suggests that the purchase order should be cancelled.

There is no stock of the item. The 'Requested Receipt Date', 'Promised Receipt Date', 'Planned Receipt Date' and 'Expected Receipt Date' for the purchase order line is the 17th Sept 2018. The forecast quantity matches the quantity ordered and the forecast period is the 17th Sept. The item has a lead time of 12 weeks with a reorder policy of 'Lot-for-Lot', reorder cycle of 1 week and no safety stocks or order mins etc.

Any ideas why adding the forecast will not prevent the worksheet from suggesting the order should be cancelled.


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    Also, there are no 'Sales Item' forecast for these items, only component
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