Adding a flow field from one view to another view

dgreene1051dgreene1051 Posts: 3Member
I need to add the assembly BOM field from the Item card in a view. This is a flow field. I have a view that is pulling the fields from the BOM component table in NAV . And I have a separate view that is pulling the fields from the item table (27). The Assembly BOM field as a flow field on the item card is a Boolean type. What will be the SQL statement that I need to add the Assembly BOM field to my Item view so that the Assembly BOM field will show up as "yes" or "no"?


  • dgreene1051dgreene1051 Posts: 3Member
    I think I need to use the SIFT in my statement for the flow field. What would be the statement that I would use? From a NAV programmer newbie just learning SQL.
  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Posts: 1,639Member
    SELECT Item.*, 
      IIF([Parent Item No_] IS NULL, 'No', 'Yes') [Assembly BOM] 
    FROM [Company$Item] Item
    LEFT OUTER JOIN [Company$BOM Component] ON [Parent Item No_] = Item.[No_]
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