Manufacturing Policy = Make to Order

jlyankiejlyankie Posts: 27Member
How can I see from a Finished Production Order which Sales Order the Production Order is reserved for when the Manufacturing Policy is Make to Order?


  • golfergolfer Posts: 68Member
    Make-to-order has nothing to do with reservation to a sales order. It brings subassemblies into the same PO as the parent item allowing to change their components on that particular order.
  • jlyankiejlyankie Posts: 27Member
    I have a Sales Order for multiple lines with multiple ship dates. When I look at the individual line>>reservation entries I see either a Finished Production Order or a Released Production Order. So if I understand you correctly it is just identifying the Production order it is produced for the subassemblies not reserving the inventory. It is not the same as reserving an item, is that correct?
  • golfergolfer Posts: 68Member
    Then you have created a Project Prod.Order from the sales order. So all produced items on the sales order are on one prod.order instead of one prod.order per produced item. This way the finished items are reserved against the sales order, regardless if you use "Make-to-Stock" or "Make-to-order".
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