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hi all,

i was wondering whether is there a functionality in Navision that supports more than one language. For instance, if my first language used is English, and my second language is Japanese i would like the option of reverting to both languages at my perusal. Change of language would include all fields, values, labels and etc. Thanks in advance

Pardon for the post, as i've not done a multi-language installation before.

Note:Is the multi-language functionality based on our licenses?


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    Multilanguage of the client is no problem. You only need to have apropriate granule in your license file (granule for used languages) and language layer for the client (for example JPN folder and language layer in your Navision application). But multilanguage of data is problem. There is no "multilanguage" in the way "switch and I see data in another language". Data are still same... only for example on sales order you can have item description in english but for customer with another language in his language...

    This is general info. Of course, do not forget, that Navision is not unicode application and will have problems if you want switch between languages with different charsets...
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