Manufacturing - Enabling consumption posting into negative inventory

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Hi All,

We are working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. By default we understand that Microsoft has restricted manufacturing consumption posting if the inventory reaches negative. We also understand that this restriction had been placed in order to avoid costing inconsistencies (specially if items are on Average Cost) that may occur due to the system not being able to apply the relevant demands and supplies.

Having said that we have a customer who does backflush components at the start of the production order. Some of the components are required at the latter stages in production and they may not be physically available at the beginning of the production order. Hence the requirement for posting consumption into negative inventory. We understand that this could be avoided by linking the relevant component to the relevant operation but our customer does not have the workforce to carryout such detailed data entry. The customer is most likely to have raw materials as well as finished goods on standad cost.

Does anyone have an alternate solution for the above or has tried taking out the restriction placed by Microsoft?



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    Have you tried Backward flushing consumption (not Forward flushing at the start)?. Even if the Components are not linked to operations, they will be consumed when the order change status to Finished.
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