Amazon Marketplace invoicing from NAV

Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,598
Does anyone have experience with this (or knows a consulting company who has)?

The basic idea is they organize they delivery for you, you issue an invoice and they forward it in PDF. Of course you don't want to enter every invoice manually into NAV. Can they send a CSV file or something? Not EDIFACT, I know they use EDICFACT when you sell directly to Amazon and not to consumers through Marketplace, but Marketplace is meant for small companies. So something simple like CSV?

The invoice will contain items, so of course it decreases your inventory. I suppose it will be a consignment stock at Amazon, represented by a Location, filled with Transfer Orders?

That can work with one company. It can be tricky if you have multiple companies all over Europe in a group. Suppose you want to do all the invoicing all over Europe from a company in Country A where labor costs are low. Over €30K a year per country they will have to register for a VAT Reg No. in every country. Suppose you do that. But that means the for the inventory to make sense that company has to buy the inventory from your headoffice company and transfer it to Amazon, right? But if that Country A is off the beaten path and you would rather send the goods from Country B headoffice to Amazon in say Germany you can ran into trouble with VAT and Intrastat stuff, because you have to report them as the goods go, not as the papers go, that is the basic rule...
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