Coding on Open Links, is that possible?

Hi, I have a client that is asking me to code on the links page in order to add a ftp URL with username & password.
Currently I am storing the complete URL, but the client is arguing that the username / pass may change. The Open action is not a NAV trigger so I was wondering if anyone see a way to code in there...The idea is to store the ftp address without username and pass and add it to the URL during the Open action trigger


  • sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 136
    A new page for the Links (i assume you use recordlink).
    Add a %1 and %2 in the link to replace the username/password. Then have the username and password saved in a setup table.
    Then on the new page add a function that subsitutes the %1 and %2 with the current values from the setup table and opens the link.

    That would be a workaround for it.
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