I need to identify an ISV

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Hi Forum,

I'm currently working with a client and in there NAV 2016 database they have an ISV range of objects installed which is in use. I need to know what ISV it is? Would anybody know how I can find this out? The customer does not know the provider.

The objects are numbered like so:

51402275 NFL Approval Setup Yes NFL02.001
51402276 NFL Approval Code Yes NFL02.000
51402277 NFL Approval Entry Yes NFL02.000
51402278 NFL Approval Comment Line Yes NFL02.000
51402279 NFL Posted Approval Entry Yes NFL02.000
51402280 NFL Pstd Approval Comment Line Yes NFL02.000
51402281 NFL Overdue Notification Entry Yes NFL02.000
51402282 NFL Approval Templates Yes NFL02.000
51402283 NFL Additional Approvers Yes NFL02.001
51402284 Vendor EFT Details Yes NFL02.000
51402285 NFL Users Yes NFL02.001
51402286 EFT Registry Yes NFL02.000
51402287 Purchase Quote Evaluation Yes NFL02.000
51402288 NFL Setup Yes NFL02.001
51402289 Importation Log Yes NFL02.000
51402290 NFL Requisition Header Yes NFL02.003,6.0.02
51402291 NFL Requisition Line Yes NFL02.002
51402292 NFL Requisition Header Archive Yes NFL02.000,6.0.02

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!




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