Printing ZPL label to Zebra printer from NAV 5.0

Hi Everybody,

I'm currently struggling with the problem of printing ZPL label from NAV. I've got the ZPL code label from FEDEX and saved it in a file. Now I need to print this label from NAV. The printer is network and connected via IP port.

I've tried to do this via command line (SHELL) as suggested here, but probably it's not possible to work because the device is not connected via LPT1.
I've also tried to do this using this dll , but it also doesn't work because it gets only text variables, not even BigText, and when I try to do it line by line it also printed line by line but just ZPL code as text, it doesn't even decode this.
Also have tried to do this from command line "notepad /p label.txt" but get the error, with the info that page is not big enough to size the line, so it seems like it also doesn't convert the ZPL code.

Maybe something is wrong with the Zebra printer setup, but I can't find anything what should be reasonable to change :).
Hope for your support, thanks in advance.


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    You can try to share the printer, and then copy the file directly to the printer share:
    copy /b yourfile.bin \\server\sharedprinter

    Not the nicest solution but you can try the command from the command line and if it works use SHELL to execute the command, just like in the post you've linked
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