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Currently working on an extension where I need to make a couple of standard pages available in the menu suite. (516 - Sales Lines, for example).

As far as I know, working with MS are not supported.

So that would leave me with the option to create a page extension and make it searchable this way. But it doesn't make ANY sense to waste X amount of objects just to make it searchable, no other changes are required.

Any suggestions?

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  • idonavidonav Member Posts: 31
    Ah yes, forgot about that. Since it's free it will have to do for now! Thanks!
  • idonavidonav Member Posts: 31
    Hm actually it did not work, I can't set the below:

    UsageCategory = Administration;
    ApplicationArea = All;

    Causes an error "The property can not be customised".

    Any other suggestions?
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