JOb queue doesn't restart after fail

asmilie2b3asmilie2b3 Posts: 33Member
We have just upgraded to NAV 2018, and have noticed when a job queue fails, it does not restart itself next scheduled run. It used to do that in 2013. All our settings are the same as we had in 2013. I wonder if something has changed between versions?


  • txerifftxeriff Posts: 204Member

    I guess in NAV 2015 when it was stopped it did not go back on again, you had to start manually. In some cases I understand that you may need to review error, fix it and swtich back but in other cases it´s better to make it go online.

    what you could do is create a second NAS service that gos by all the job queues and checks if they are in error status, change to online again perhaps.

  • RemkoDRemkoD Posts: 86Member
    On which cumulative update are you with NAV 2018?

    In NAV 2018 CU 05 (Build 21836) they have fixed an issue with the rescheduling of jobs.
    264923 Failed job scheduler tasks are not rescheduled as expected. Administration COD 455
  • asmilie2b3asmilie2b3 Posts: 33Member
    Hi RemkoD,
    Thanks for the reply. We are on CU7, however that fix in CU5 doesn't seem to have worked. But we found a suitable workaround. Say we have a job that runs every 5 minutes and we want it to try every 5 minutes we set

    1) Maximum number of attempts to run to 5 (could be 2 though).
    2) Rerun Delay: 300

  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Posts: 730Member
    Whats logged in Event Viewer?
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