REPORT.SAVEASPDF hanging in NAV 2013 R2

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Good morning!

We have a Report in NAV 2013 R2 which calls the Inventory to G/L Reconcile report (10138) to run in the background, then email the results to user as a PDF sent by SMTP in NAV:

We are having an issue where - depending on the date range provided to the report - the report does not complete. In turn, this leaves a hanging NAV user session which can only be killed by deleting from the Active Session table, and leaves a file handle open to the PDF it attempted to create on the service tier machine. The only way to release the open file and try the report again, is to restart the NAV service.

Is there a limit to how much data the REPORT.SAVEASPDF command can handle? The other possibility I am considering is a piece of bad data somewhere in the result set.

The steps the report goes through every time seem reliable to measure:

> NAV begins running the report and processes for around 8 minutes (Screenshot 1, attached)
> After 8 minutes, a PDF file is created in the specified folder on the service tier (Screenshot 2, attached) and begins writing (Screenshot 3, attached)
> After a further 4 minutes from the date/timestamp of the file on the server, the process will either complete or fail
> If completes successfully, CPU activity drops off, the PDF file is closed, and the size updates from 0 KB to, say, 900 KB (Screenshot 4, attached)
> If it fails, the file remains open, file size 0 KB, and the CPU and memory beginning 'bobbing' up and down - this will continue until the server is restarted (Screenshots 4 & 5, attached)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - thank you!



  • archer89archer89 Posts: 328Member
    could be a memory problem with savespdf for that special report depending on the special design, usage of flowfields, .... you could redisgn the report
    same problem with other long running reports?
    one other solution could be to use a pdf print driver instead, eg. 7-pdf print driver or microsoft to pdf.
    best regards
    Franz Kalchmair, MVP
    Alias: Jonathan Archer

    please like / agree / verify my answer, if it was helpful for you. thx.
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