NAV-EDI buyer vs delivery party setup. What is best practice?

OlofOlof Posts: 26Member

We have NAV 2017 and use EDI-Edifact to our satisfaction. However we wonder what is considered best practice in setting up the ´Delivery Party´s´ when the ´Buyer Party´ has multiple addresses and sometimes has an one-time drop shipment request?

Our assumptions and setup so far:
  • an EDI ´Buying Party´ = NAV ´sell-to-customer´
  • if such a party has multiple branches (Amsterdam branch, Rotterdam branch, etc..) then each branch is a NAV Ship-to-Adress = EDI ´Delivery Party´
  • incoming EDI messages with a drop-shipment address creates errors as that ´delivery party/ship-to-adress´ does not exist in NAV

See attachment as an attempt to explain visually the above

Our questions:
1. Should each branch (Amsterdam, Rotterdam) have its own NAV customer number?
2. What is considered best practice in dealing with 1-time drop shipment adresses (EDI ´Delivery Party´ = NAV temporary Ship-to-Address)?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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