OData access outside network

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I have Dynamics Nav 2017 installed on my server with web client, that I can access outside my network throw https://mydomain.com/NAV/WebClient.
I configured a web service in NAV with https://localhost:7198/NAS/OData/Company('SuperCo')/ProdList (Odata is active on NAS with ssl). It works fine on my network.

so my question is how to get an access to my this odata feed (or for example SOAP) outside my network. How is it? Should I write small proxy .net application and deploy it on IIS?


  • KTA8KTA8 Posts: 178Member
    if your outside port is the same (7198) only changing the name localhost with your server name should be enough. I assume that all network and systems configs are properly done because that it's outside NAV context.
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