Dynamics 365 BC question

armelaarmela Posts: 14Member
This is regarding Virtual table 2000000028.
We were able to create a page for it and run it.
This pretty much gives you table detail such as number of records.
I did that in my local copy of BC365 (NAV 2018) however when I run it , I don't get any data. It seems to me like it is permission related.
Any ideas ??


  • ivarvarovskij@gmail.com[email protected] Posts: 12Member
    Hi, tachnically BC <> NAV2018 though it is more or less the same.
    Do you use Docker for you testing? In VScode app.json there is propery "target", by default it is ""target":"Extension"," (if there is no target it is extension also) and this virtual table can not be used in extension development. Thoung you can change target to "Internal" then it should work, at least for me it works.

    But if you had target Extension normally you shouldnt be able to build package with this table.

  • armelaarmela Posts: 14Member
    That worked great.
    I was able to create the extension.
    It installed successfully, however after that message I received an error message

    [2018-07-13 12:42:52.86] Sending request to http://mybizcentralapp:7049/NAV/dev/apps?SchemaUpdateMode=synchronize
    [2018-07-13 12:42:55.75] Success: The package 'Default publisher_Table Object_1.0.0.0.app' has been published to the server.
    [2018-07-13 12:42:55.83] Error: An internal error has occurred

    I can see the extension on the Extensions page, however when I search for the page, I don't find it.
    I made sure I have the following on the page design.

    UsageCategory = Administration;

    Any ideas ?
  • armelaarmela Posts: 14Member
    Moving a little bit on this extension. I am able to deploy it in my sandbox, however when I install in a production environment, the extension fails and here is the error.

    Package validation failed due to the following error(s): error PTE0005: App.json 'target' property must not be set to 'Internal'. - Job Id : 87dc5152-3152-448f-9834-66ca581fd4cc

    Any ideas ? It does not like my target property of internal in a production environment.
  • julkifli33julkifli33 Posts: 818Member
    hi all, any link how do I tested for develop BC 365?
  • hydharthydhart Posts: 20Member
    Hi all, how do I update extension without uninstall and unpublish existing extension?
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