NAV2017 no longer remembers report filters

mrQQmrQQ Posts: 239Member

NAV2016 used to "Remember" the filters set on dataitems for the next run. NAV2017 no longer does that. Instead, it provides "Report Settings" which only appear if SaveValues is set to Yes for the Request Page of the report. Which is NOT set for most of the standard NAV reports, thus it has to be changed manually, altering the object and so on.

Is there any way to globaly switch the behavior to what it was, or enable for all the reports SaveValues?


  • RemkoDRemkoD Posts: 87Member
    We had the same issue. We've changed the most common reports manually and other reports on request from endusers/customers. Annoying change..

    As far as I am aware we did not use any global switch or automated solution to change the behavior for multiple reports at once.
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