Textbox and taking area of the document

I make to dynamic print text in report. But now he is taking area even if he doesn't print.
Check the yellow area. There is the area that I don't want to be if there is nothing to print.

When there is nothing to print there I want to be like this


  • bharathnanbharathnan Posts: 91Member
    Which version of NAV are you using?
    Please explain in detail
    Bharath K
  • VeselinVeselin Posts: 14Member
    Microsoft Dynamic Nav 2009 R2 (6.00.32012)
  • sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Posts: 89Member
    I'm assuming you are using the rtc layout:
    In the report layout you should be able to set the line visibility property as visible false through something like this:
    =Fields![YourTextVariable].value = ""

    This should assure that the line you have in your report layout is left out when the text is empty
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