Unable to import Objects into NAV 2017

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Hi ,

I have just installed NAV 2017 W1 version into my machine.

But I am unable to import objects into the database.

I have only single Tenant that is default.

It is saying
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment
Unable to process table changes because the request cannot be processed by the specified Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance:

Server Name: ****
Server Instance: ****
Management Port: ****

Check that:
1. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is running
2. There is only one tenant mounted on the server instance.

I have not installed multitenants.

Please help
Thanks and Regards


  • KishormKishorm Posts: 897Member
    Have you installed the NST (NAV Service Tier) and is it running?

    If so then are the details shown for Server Name, Server Instance &Management Port correct?

    If yes then are there any errors (relating to the NST) logged in the windows application event viewer on the machine where the NST is running?
  • RemkoDRemkoD Posts: 61Member
    It seems that the synchronization between the (imported) NAV table definition could not be synchronized with the SQL tables (Sync-NAVTenant if you run it with PowerShell).

    The DEV client cannot perform this action on itself, it will execute this request through a NAV Service Tier (NST). You can change which NST the DEV client will use: Dev client > File > Database > Server Instance.

    Make sure that on this NST the 'Enable Management Services' on the tab 'Management Services' is enabled and that you can access the specified port (set on the same tab) from the machine where you opened the DEV client on.

    Or check one of the following points:
    1. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is running
    2. The management service is configured
    3. The firewall is open for the management port if remote
    4. The server is running with only one tenant
    5. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment is running as Administrator, or
    6. UAC is turned off.
    You can also import a FOB containing tables without synchronizing the NAV table definition with SQL. During the import you will get the pop-up:
    The FOB file contains table objects.
    Select the option of synchronizing the schema changes after the table objects are imported into the application.
    • Option 1: Now - with validation
    • Option 2: Later
    • Option 3: Force
    If you choose option 2 you will skip the synchronization and you can successful import the FOB. You won't be able to access tables with a changed table definition from a client though. You still need to perform the table synchronization one way or another.
    You could use option 2 (Later) and try to perform the synchronization between NAV and SQL with the Dynamics NAV Administration Shell and the Cmdlet 'Sync-NAVTenant'. You might get a more detailed error when you execute the synchronization with the administration shell/PowerShell.
  • Rishi1109Rishi1109 Posts: 38Member
    Hi Kishorm and RemkoD thanks a lot for your replies
    I just disabled the firewall and objects got imported
    Once again Thanks for your time
    Thanks and Regards
  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Posts: 655Member
    Check your Event Viewer always :smile:
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