Nav 2009R2 Excel 365 slow performance


We have a Navision 2009R2 (native db) with a lot off custom reports using uses excel automation to produce excel files.

This works fine with Office 2010, but now we have to upgrade to office 365 and when I test the same reports it seems like they are a lot slower (5-8 times slower actually)

Has anyone had the same experience and hopefully a solution ?




  • cvanderpoelcvanderpoel Posts: 9Member
    Hi Peter,

    Yes i've created a solution using Epplus
    . A C#/.NET Core library (using Open XML underneath). Because Navision 2009R2 only supports .NET 2.0 in the RTC, i've created a automation referencing the Epplus dll.

    Kind regards,

  • pn123pn123 Posts: 4Member
    Hi Chris

    Sorry for the late reply

    i'll take a look at the Epplus dll

    Thank you
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