SEPA and bank direct connexion - Download and upload File


It's integrated with Nav to generate SEPA File, for credit and Debit - that's cool.
but, is there a fonctionnality that is integrated which let me download and upload, and management all the workflow for vendor payment , and client debit orders , directly from nav ?
Generate file is good, but management their final use would be better.
any advise ?
how people do to transfert there SEPA file generated with Nav ?
thx a lot.


  • moichinoimoichinoi Member Posts: 41

    I mean :
    Is there an module , or functionnality n or an add on which let you connect directly to the bank with the EBICS TS protocole to pull the bank statement, and to push the Vendor credit order with the validation workflow of the operation ? ( double signature, validation of the payment order etc...)

    maybe there isn't a feature for that need.
    If this feature doesn't exist, how people do to exchange this file with their bank via the EBICS TS protocole ?

    thank you

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