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Hi all,

Is there any documentation where I can learn more about journal posting procedures, how to set up a new posting procedure, e.g. docs about journal template, journal batch, journal line,...



  • Mark_BrummelMark_Brummel Member, Moderators Design Patterns Posts: 4,262
    You have to create the following objects:

    Table 11033140 Invoice Journal Template
    Table 11033141 Invoice Journal Batch
    Table 11033142 Invoice Journal Line
    Table 11033143 Invoice Register
    Form 11033140 Invoice Journal Templates
    Form 11033141 Invoice Journal Batches
    Form 11033142 Invoice Journal
    Form 11033143 Invoice Journal Template List
    Form 11033144 Invoice Registers
    Report 11033148 Invoice Register
    Report 11033149 Invoice Journal - Test
    Codeunit 11033140 InvoiceJnlMgt
    Codeunit 11033141 Invoice Jnl.-Check Line
    Codeunit 11033142 Invoice Jnl.-Post Line
    Codeunit 11033143 Invoice Jnl.-Post
    Codeunit 11033144 Invoice Jnl.-Post+Print
    Codeunit 11033145 Invoice Jnl.-Post Batch
    Codeunit 11033146 Invoice Jnl.-B.Post
    Codeunit 11033147 Invoice Jnl.-B.Post+Print
    Codeunit 11033149 Invoice Register Entries

    Where 'Invoice' can be the term for your solution.

    You can copy for example job journals.

    In our company we use a template for this stuff.

    Remember dimensionposting, reports, registers, tablelocking and things like that.

    Greetz an good luck,

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    This all was subject of Solution Developer course...

    May be that someone have docs from this course...
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  • Mark_BrummelMark_Brummel Member, Moderators Design Patterns Posts: 4,262
    I almost forgot; the solution developer course. All those years ago... :D

    I can mail the pdf and the fob's of the 3.70 course if required.

  • tkarantkaran Member Posts: 1
    Please ,

    Can you send me the docs of this course ?

    Thanks .
  • KaetchenKaetchen Member Posts: 106
    Hi Mark,

    Could you e-mail the course documents too?

    I struggle with the setup of posting groups.

    Thanks so much,

  • i_musaliyui_musaliyu LAGOSMember Posts: 5
    Hello Mark,

    Thanks for your contributions.

    Can you please send me the document via: [email protected]
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